Processing and supplying timber since the 1980's

Back then, timber was graded by eye, hand machined, cut to length and assembled by a bloke with a hammer. From the start, we pioneered processes to supply timber and timber products to the best quality standards. Developing that core experience has helped us to become an industry leader.

Through the strength of the TUMU group of companies, we're backed with expertise and support. This foundation ensures reliability of product supply and service. Coupled with years of listening to what our customers need, we've developed systems that enable us to be flexible to suit the seasonal demand for the supply of products such as wooden bins and pallets.

Today, in response to our customer's investment in automation, TUMU Timbers is a high-tech operation, incorporating the latest technology for processing, grading, machining and assembling timber products to accepted tolerances. This has improved the quality of our products, increased capacity and reliability of delivery while remaining sustainable. What we refuse to compromise on is health and safety and quality. Any timber product that we know doesn't meet specification, doesn't leave our yard.

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