Meet the Tumu Timbers team

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James Truman

James Truman - General Manager

My Job:

I am responsible for the performance of the overall site.

Contact me:

To discuss general site issues or a wide range of stakeholder queries.

How I can help you:

I understand our stakeholder needs and by taking action, either directly or indirectly, I ensure those needs are met in accordance with expectation.

Phone: 06 873 0995

Mobile: 027 508 8200

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Spencer Bartlett

Spencer Bartlett - Bins & Pallets Sales Manager

My Job:

I manage our bin and pallet customer sales enquiries.

Contact me:

If you’re looking for packaging and storage solutions with specific requirements.

How I can help you:

I can find you the best product for your requirements in terms of both practical application and cost-effectiveness.

Phone: 06 873 0963

Mobile: 027 230 0119

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Andrew Cranswick

Andrew Cranswick - Operations Manager

My Job:

I control all operational areas of the business.

Contact me:

For anything relating to operations or supplier related queries.

How I can help you:

I’ll provide you with the best course of action, or the information you need to make an informed decision. I can deal with a wide range of supplier and operations related queries.

Phone: 06 872 6270

Mobile: 027 523 4596

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Heath Caldwell

Heath Caldwell - Commercial Manager

My Job:

I manage the finance, commercial and sales functions of the business.

Contact me:

For anything relating to finance, accounting and customer related queries.

How I can help you:

I can assist you with a wide range of finance and sales inquiries.

Phone: 06 872 9641

Mobile: 027 439 2012

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Russell Ede

Russell Ede - Production Manager

My Job:

I oversee final assembly functions.

Contact me:

For any and all matters relating to the final assembly of product, including treatment plant and kiln activities.

How I can help you:

By ensuring the final assembly of products in accordance with relevant deadlines and quality specifications. With my wealth of experience in the industry I can also help you with a wide range of queries across the rest of the business.

Phone: 06 873 0985

Mobile: 027 683 227

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Jason Price

Jason Price - Engineering Manager

My Job:

I am responsible for maintaining our assets and delivering an overall reliable site.

Contact me:

If you have any engineering related enquiries.

How I can help you:

I can help you by ensuring our plant is kept reliable and maintained to a high standard.

Phone: 06 873 0960

Mobile: 021 977 240

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Paula Hokianga

Paula Hokianga - Bins & Pallets Despatch Coordinator

My Job:

I'm in charge of coordinating the despatch of all Bins & Pallets deliveries.

Contact me:

For any enquiry regarding Bins & Pallets deliveries.

How I can help you:

I can arrange the delivery for the above and assist you with any related queries.

Phone: 06 873 0968

Mobile: 027 641 5461

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Phone 06 873 0997 or email us for a quote.