Eco Kids - Enjoying Building with Tumu Timber

Posted on 01/05/2017 by Sam Wake

Tumu Timbers are honoured to be able to donate blocks of timber to local Child Care Centre's.


"Children from EcoKids have loved exploring and building with the wooden off cuts from TUMU Timbers! Today towers and houses were a favourite to build. We even had a pool and diving board created also! What a neat open-ended resource; the children are able to use their imagination and creativity to build whatever they choose."


"The little ones were also able to use the timber to make a large scale domino track. Ever so carefully the children set about standing up many blocks of wood along the step which went right around the paved area.  They worked so hard to place them just right with a space in between and only had one mishap when they fell down before they were ready. Great team work, trial and error and science skills happening here getting them balancing just right. Amazing job today, what a fantastic idea you came up with".


If this is something you think would benefit your Kindergarten, please feel free to get in contact with us.