TUMU - Helping to Turn Lives Around

Posted on 25/09/2017 by Lauren Wilson

The Corrections Department have been urging employers  to consider hiring ex-prisoners and not to hold their past against them

Unsurprisingly, ex prisoners and convicts tend to be seen as a type of unwelcomed burden to communities. Sadly, many of these people only want a second chance at turning their life around and to become respectful members of society.

TUMU Timbers have proudly taken part in the release to work scheme, with Manager James Truman believing that the released prisoners are among the best workers.

"They are some of the most reliable staff you'll ever get because they would rather come to work for the day than spend the day in prison"

Sonny Kotuhi (pictured) is one of our success stories to date. Despite having a prior conviction for burglary, through good behaviour and under a strict set of rules, Sonny was able to work for TUMU through the work to release program. Sonny believes that having obtained routine, purpose and pride through his job with Timbers he has been able to keep on the straight and narrow, having not reoffended since 2014.

"I enjoy the challenge, especially the type of work I'm doing" he said.

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