Health & Wellbeing - Nutrition

  • Due to our somewhat rural location, we organised for healthy lunch options to be delivered to site by local providers.  Monday has Subway available, Wednesday is Pita Pit day and Friday is St Pierre's Sushi.  Employees are able to make their lunch order by 8.30am on the day of the order and pay via a wage deduction.
    • During the winter months we also had Bostock Organic Lunches available in a similar manner.
  • Historically we have always had a snack bar on site, this was removed and replaced by a free fruit programme.  Tumu Timbers purchases seasonal fruit from Johnny Appleseed to allow fruit to be available to employees free of charge.  Apples are always available, however we also purchase pears and stone fruit as the season progresses.
  • As we have a vending machine on site but are attempting to encourage decreased sugar consumption, we made the decision to stock only sugar-free drinks in our Coca Cola vending machine. 
  • One of the recommendations that came out of our Health & Wellbeing survey was to have greater availability of water coolers.  We arranged for an additional two water coolers to be installed in key locations.
  • Another recommendation from our Health & Wellbeing survey was to purchase a sandwich press, a nutri bullet, toasters and a food warmer for usage in the lunch room.  These have been purchased and the usage of them all has been great!

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