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  • As part of our compliance we are required to complete Health Monitoring for all staff due to our working environment.  In addition to this, Tumu Timbers incorporate the opportunity to complete a Health Check.  The Health Check is completed free of charge and during work hours.  In our experience, we have found a large majority of our employees don't find the time to have a regular health check completed.  By allowing this to be completed on site and during work hours assists to remove potential barriers.  We have had great success in picking up general health issues that may otherwise have gone un-noticed.  Impact Health come on site annually to complete our Health Monitoring and Checks.
  • Talk presented to staff on Diabetes by Dr Janet Titchener
  • Since Tumu Group have a defibrillator on site we organised a training session for all staff to ensure they would be comfortable to use a defibrillator, either at work or in the community, should the necessity arise
  • Tumu Timbers offer all full time employees subsidised health insurance through Southern Cross
  • Engaged with OPSM to provide free eye tests for all staff (this is already an option for those who are Southern Cross members).  In addition, OPSM have offered $75 off any purchase over $350 or the standard 15% discount which is already available for all Southern Cross members.
  • Influenza Vaccinations are offered free of charge to all staff members and are available to be completed on site during work time.
  • Mole Mapping is available to all staff on a two yearly basis (unless skin history suggests high risk).  Tumu Timbers covered the cost for all permanent staff, any fixed term staff could have it completed at their own cost.  Both permanent and fixed term staff could have it completed during work time, on site.
  • As part of Movember, Tumu Timbers facilitated a Men's Only Health Talk which was presented to all male staff during work time by Dr. Alan Wright.  It was an opportunity to discuss general health and "bloke stuff".
  • Greg Mawson came on site to complete a Bio Scan for any employees who wished to take up the opportunity.  The employees paid for the scan themselves ($20) but were able to have it completed on site and during work hours.  Bioscan uses the latest in body composition technology to provide an accurate reading on your body.  Can measure weight, body fat percentage, lean muscle mass and muscular development.

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