Health & Wellbeing - Physical

  • Entry of Indoor Netball, Squash & Volleyball teams into local competitions. Tumu Timbers subsidised the cost of entry.
  • Tumu Timbers' subsidises boxing classes held by Giants Boxing Academy every Tuesday night at 6pm for any interested employees. 
  • Giants Boxing Academy also assisted in an injury prevention scheme which included the creation of a warm up routine that is completed at the beginning of every shift. The exercises were tailored to the specific departments based on the movements required to carry out their jobs.
  • Snap Fitness "Keep U Moving" Challenge was completed on site. We created an on-site challenge to increase daily steps. All employees interested in participating paid a minimal entry fee and in return were given a Fit Bit or Pedometer to monitor their progress in the challenge. Snap Fitness were naming right sponsors and offered a reduced corporate rate for joining, weekly Tips newsletter and the main prize for the winning team which consisted of $200 worth of gym membership and a $100 Rebel Sport voucher (sponsored by Tumu Timbers) for each member of the team.
  • Life Changing Challenge/Time 4 A Change
  • Ph@TT Challenge
  • Tumu Timbers also happily subsidise entry into local challenges and events.  Some of these include Iron Maori Women's Duathlon, Country2Coast

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